One of the most highly-anticipated restaurants in the Hudson Valley recently took to social media to announce a nightmare setback after opening their doors for the first time just three months ago.

Countless small businesses across the Hudson Valley can attest to how difficult it is to keep their doors open even without disaster striking. Now, many are reaching out with support as one of the newest restaurants in Orange County, NY looks to rebuild.

Fire at District Ramen in Newburgh, NY

"Today we had an bit of a tragedy..." began a recent Instagram post from District Ramen. "An electrical fire in our kitchen has forced us to close our doors for what will be an undetermined amount of time". A photo (below) showed some of the damage done to the restaurant that had just opened their doors in February 2024.




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Newburgh, NY Community Reacts to Fire at District Ramen

"Please don’t lose hope, let us know how we can contribute to a GoFundMe or similar, as well as any other way we can help!", commented a local man whose Instagram bio describes their work as a graphic designer for small businesses. "This is so saddening to hear... how can we help?!" added a local cheese monger. Unfortunately, several fires have struck Newburgh, NY in recent weeks.

Recent Fires in the City of Newburgh, NY

On Easter evening, a massive fire tore through several residential buildings just five blocks away from District Ramen (above). The blaze displaced multiple families and left more than 30 people homeless. In late 2022, a fire just two blocks from the restaurant pushed the limits of the Newburgh Fire Department to extinguish the flames.

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Owners shared that District Ramen will be closed for "an undetermined amount of time" while the restaurant works to rebuild their kitchen.

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