The detour is expected to be in place for approximately six weeks.

If you spend any time driving around the Hudson Valley you are well aware that getting from one place to another can be frustrating. Depending when and where your driving will say a lot about how frustrated you'll get while behind the wheel.

Many factors can lead to frustrated driving, traffic, getting stuck behind a school bus, other drivers, and their lack of driving skills...LOL...and of course road work. Unfortunately road work is something we've all encountered at one time or another and often times it can add valuable time to your commute. It's even worse when you aren't aware that there's road work happening in the first place.


Route 17K Closed for Repairs

If you travel on State Route 17K near State Route 747 be aware that a detour is coming soon. According to the Town of Montgomery Police Department starting on Monday, September 18th, 2023 State Route 17k will be closed just west of State Route 747. There will be posted detours that will take drivers to I-84 using RT 747 and RT 208.

Google maps/Canva
Google maps/Canva

Many commuters asked if drivers will still be able to access the Amazon entrance from the Montgomery side and according to police, "closure will be between the 17k Amazon entrance and 747. From Montgomery, you should be able to get to that entrance."

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Why is Route 17K Closed and for How Long?

Police said that the closure is necessary so that the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) can replace a culvert in the area. Police at the NYSDOT expect the replacement to take approximately 6 weeks to complete and are asking drivers to please plan ahead for increased travel time that will be needed while repairs are being done.

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