A storytime show hosted by a drag queen scheduled in Montgomery, New York has led police to issue a warning hoping for peace this weekend.

Back in March, the people at Montogomey Book Exchange (MBE) announced on Facebook that they would be hosting a storytime hour hosted by "Cookie Doe". Doe, a drag queen, is scheduled to host two storytime hours on April 1st at the MBE Children's Chapter at 8 Factory Street in Montgomery.

Drag Queen Story Hour with Cookie Doe

The shows both FREE will feature Cookie Doe reading stories to children in attendance. At first, there was only one show scheduled but because ticket demand was so high MBE added a second show with the first show will starting at 2 p.m. and the second at 4 p.m. When MBE announced the show's folks on social media many folks began to share both support and opposition to the event. Some of the comments got extremely nasty and serious, so much so that the Montgomery police department posted a message on Facebook regarding the event.

Montogomery Police Hope for Peace Durning Drag Event

The current chiefs of both the Village of Montgomery and the Town of Montgomery Police Departments respectively wrote on Facebook that the event scheduled at MBE is private and is closed to anyone that doesn't have a valid ticket for the event and anyone that shows up without a ticket they will be required to leave the property ASAP and if they refuse to leave "it will result in your immediate arrest for trespassing" according to police.

"We have seen several social media posts expressing both support and opposition to this event. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, we remind you that if you do not like the material or do not support this event, you have the option to stay home and not attend. No one in attendance is being subjected to anything against their will. The parents attending and bringing their children are choosing to attend this event."

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Peaceful Protests

Both police chiefs also shared a message for anyone planning to peacefully protest the event,

"We understand that some may choose to peacefully protest, and we want to remind you that doing so is your First Amendment right. However, please note that the private property areas surrounding the event will be closed to all persons except those with tickets, and we urge you to find a public area to peacefully protest. There is a public sidewalk on Ward Street, which you may use if you do not obstruct pedestrian traffic. We ask that you familiarize yourself with article 240.20 of the New York State Penal Law."

Parking in Montgomery, NY

With a large crowd expected police wanted t to remind everyone that there is no parking along Factory Street in either direction,

"Village code 114-15 No Parking at ANY time under the schedule of 114-38 includes (Factory Street (both directions) added 11-4-2019 by Local Law No. 3-2019. If your car is illegally parked, it will be ticketed and towed."


Police ended their messages by saying,

"We want to stress the importance of respecting the privacy and safety of those attending this event, as well as abiding by the laws and regulations in place. We urge you to act responsibly and with respect towards all members of the community."

The message was signed by Chief William Herlihy (Village of Montgomery Police Department) and Chief John Hank (Town of Montgomery Police Department).

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