My attention span is borderline nonexistent, so I'm always jumping from topic to topic, project to project, idea to idea.

And recently I've started to make hot sauce. It's actually pretty easy. Well, it's really as easy or as complicated as you make it, and that's what I like about it. Like beer, it's got some fundamentals and then you can just customize it along the way. Want to roast the peppers before you use them? Go for it. Want to throw in some tropical fruit? Have at it. Want to use the hottest peppers known to man? Good luck, my friend.

But the most interesting part about the creation of hot sauce is coming up with one of the absurd name. They're all way over-the-top, unsubtle, and fun. So I came up with a top secret algorithm to name hot sauces and decided to share it with the world, in honor of Cinco De Mayo.