My debit card was used at a local convenience store on Christmas morning even though I was at home unwrapping gifts. Did anyone else fall victim to these bandits?

Merry Christmas to me.

I've never had my credit or debit card information stolen before. I figured it would happen eventually but I wish it didn't happen on Christmas.

On Christmas morning I woke up filled with excitement like many of you, had my cup of coffee and started savagely unwrapping my presents under the tree. A few minutes later I was alerted by a text message. The message was from my bank and it stated that there were suspicious purchases being made on my debit card. At first I didn't think anything of it because the card was being used at a convenience store in Poughkeepsie near where I work and I go there often.

After I read the text a little more it turns out that the transactions were made that morning. The odd thing was that I had my debit card in my possession.

Apparently someone was able to get a hold of my debit card number.

They made two separate 1$ purchases before making a few larger ones. Thankfully, this unusual activity tipped off my bank's fraud department and they were able to suspend the card quickly.

When I reported the incident to the claims department that mentioned to me that this is actually quite a common occurrence on Christmas day. Scammers believe that people who work in the fraud department take the day off and believe they can get away with it. Unfortunately, these thieves made out with about $40 from my account. It was used at the gas pump to avoid interaction with an employee from the store.

Did you have a similar experience this past weekend in the Hudson Valley? These thieves could be on the move.

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