Did milk's favorite cookie give a nod to the the Hudson Valley?

They say that Oreo is milk's favorite cookie. We may never fully settle the debate but there's a good chance that Oreo is America's favorite cookie as well. Almost everyone loves Oreo.

According to Eat This, the top 5 favorite cookies brands in the United States are:

5. Famous Amos

4. Keebler Coconut Dream

3. Keebler E.L. Fudge Original

2. Pepperidge Farm Milano

And of course...

1. Oreo

Okay, maybe the debate was easier to settle than I thought. The people have spoken and they have decaled that they love Oreo cookies but which one?

As of February of this year there were 85 different Oreo flavors from confetti cake, apple pie, pumpkin spice and mint. I haven't had all 85 of them all but I'm sure almost all of them are delicious.

It seems like twice a year Oreo comes out with new flavors. Some leave you scratching your head and others are absolute no brainers. Oreo's newest creation is something that a few Upstate New Yorkers have been craving for years.

Oreo just released an apple cider doughnut flavor doughnut.

I just have to ask what took them so long?

I have been advocating for an apple cider doughnut Oreo for about 4 years now. They finally made it.

Is this new flavor a hat tip to the Hudson Valley? It's not clear but it could be as New York has the 2nd highest number of apple orchards in the country behind Washington State.

No matter what the inspiration behind these cookies are they are delicious.

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