A few weeks back, I wrote about the urban legend involving the historically bad E.T. video game for the Atari back in the early 80s. It's got a pretty comprehensive history--if I do say so myself!--and you can check it out here.

But, long story short, there has been a story that all of the unsold E.T. cartridges--MILLIONS of dollars' worth--were buried in the desert of New Mexico in a mass grave for what was then considered the possible death of the video gaming industry. Now, obviously, this wasn't the case, but it certainly set back gaming development and crushed the hopes of many companies of the 80s.

So, this weekend, there was a massive dig. The burning question? Were those cartridges really buried there?


Yup! And not just E.T., either. Copies of Centipede and other classic Atari games that they overproduced were found as well. Read all about it here.

There are tons of urban legends about the radioactive weapons and alien aircraft that might be buried out in the deserts of the Southwest, but this complete bomb of a game might be the most toxic of them all.