You might be aware that Kingston has a zoo (if not, click here to find out how it started) but did you know that there is also a zoo at Bear Mountain?  We didn't.

If you find it in your travels to take a trip to the Bear Mountain Zoo, more commonly known as Trailside Museums and Zoo, you will be able to visit not just one area, but four of them.

  • When you visit you will be able to check out the "Native Wildlife" including the Herpetology Museum, where you can see fish, reptiles, and amphibians. Yes, that also means lots of turtles.
  • There is also an extensive area of woodlands and gardens. Both of which contain "Native Plants" from the area.
  • The geology museum where you can learn about all of the native rock formations in the area, along with a mastodon skull (this is located next to the black bears, oh my!).
  • There is even a part of the Appellation Trail (the trail that goes from Georgia to Maine) that you can walk on while you are visiting that day.

The above are just a few things that you can find when you check out the Trailside Museum and Zoo. Did I mention the Mountain Lions? Probably one of the coolest things to see that day, because you can almost (not recommended) reach out and touch them. Again, not recommended.

For more details about the Bear Mountain Zoo, click here.