I'm sure you've driven on this highway at some point in your life, but did you know that it is technically incomplete?

While I was exploring random things on the internet, I came across a fun fact about a parkway here in the Hudson Valley. I was unaware of this fact, and living here my entire life I was surprised that I had never heard it before. Apparently, the Bear Mountain State Parkway is incomplete.

The Bear Mountain State Parkway was approved by the New York State Legislature in 1923 and was later adopted by Westchester County Parks Commission. The purpose of the Bear Mountain State Parkway was to provide a scenic, rapid route from New York City to the Bear Mountain Bridge. The parkway was constructed as a "hybrid" at-grade and limited-access parkway. Unlike other parkways, the Bear Mountain State Parkway remains an undivided, four-lane arterial.

Technically the Bear Mountain Parkway was never completed in its entirety. It exists today in two separate segments. The western segment and the eastern segment. The western segment runs 3.8 miles and the eastern 0.9 miles connected to the Taconic State Parkway. There is a gap between the segments of 1.8 miles that was set aside for construction.

Back in 2000, a proposal was presented to complete the missing link of the segments of the Bear Mountain State Parkway. Again in 2002, concerns were raised regarding the "missing link," but they could not reach a consensus on allowing truck traffic on the corridor, voicing concerns about keeping the parkway aesthetically pleasing.

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