A Spanish company decided to tackle the obesity epidemic. Thankfully, they started at the top with... avocados. I hate to be negative but was this something that we really needed?

If it's not broke why are we fixing it? Out of all of the fruits and vegetables out there did we really need to go after avocados?


Who doesn't love some freshly made guacamole? Even though it's the "good fat", now thanks to a company in Spain avocados can be grown to contain far less fat.

According to Grub Street, the company only plans to selling them in Spain but since the Frankenstein avocado is man made it can be produced all year round. We may see increased production and healthier avocados here in the Hudson Valley very soon.

These avocados will be healthier than average ones and they will even stay fresh longer. Yes, that means they won't turn that disgusting grey color so soon.