If you are struggling to find something unique for your Valentine this year -- have no fear -- i've been collecting some of the most interesting things i've come across over the past few weeks that might get you some bonus points this Valentine's Day...or maybe not.

Last week we learned that a local grocery store is offering a Valentine's themed cheese line for the cheese-lover in your life, you can read all about that HERE.

If cheese just won't do, how about a pickle bouquet, yes you read that correctly, pickles, this is a really big DILL (I can't take credit for that, it says it in the article).  Read more about the company behind this interesting edible treat HERE.  Big props if you end up creating your own bouquet, and yes, there's step by step instructions.

This next one is by far my favorite, how about a Valentine Puppygram? The Ulster County SPCA will help you to surprise your Valentine with treats delivered by an adorable puppy that is currently available for adoption.  This is just cuteness overload, and for a great cause, too.  Find out more HERE.

So if the typical chocolates and stuffed animals, or a fancy dinner out just won't cut it this year, we've got you covered!