There is a good chance that you've walked over this pattern every weekday throughout your childhood. Is it coming back to you yet? It's the floor pattern for the tiles of a Poughkeepsie Elementary School.


This design has been used over and over again. Every School I went to as a child had this floor pattern. Even beyond that, this is the most common floor pattern and design used in Elementary Schools built in the mid 1900s.

What I'm unable to find is why. Is there something special about this pattern? Does it keep the children calm. I'm not a psychologist so these questions are beyond my general knowledge.

It could just come down to efficiency and cost. Cinder blocks line the walls only to be broken up by murals and art projects. There are a lot of newer options that I've come across though. Even Pinterest had a few different ideas but that was mostly for the classrooms themselves.

Is it time to change the look of Elementary School Hallways or is this pattern the universally accepted standard? Let us know in the comments below.