Whenever I receive a package in the mail, it feels like I'm opening presents as a child on Christmas day. The only difference now is that I paid for the item(s) and completely forgot what is actually in the package, haha. 

The question always popped into my head, what do I actually do with these packing peanuts, Styrofoam or bubble wrap?

Whenever we have a package, packing peanuts or anything that is protecting our items in the mail, it’s important that we remember to recycle those pieces. I love that we have a place like this in the Hudson Valley.

A Hudson Valley Glass Shop is hosting an ongoing event They take pride in being green and encourages the community to donate their packing peanuts. I think it’s great that this local shop right in our area cares about the community and Earth by reminding folks to do their part.

Hudson Beach Glass  is located in Beacon. They are the mastermind behind this idea. Therefore, if you live within the Hudson Valley and have any extra packing peanuts, you can donate them there. 

The hours of drop off consist of seven days a week with drop off hours beginning at 10 am Monday through Saturday and Sunday at 11am. Be sure that the packing peanuts are clean and able to be donated.

The location is 162 Main Street in Beacon. Find out more here.

Have you ever recycled your packing peanuts? What do you recycle? Share with us below.

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