Come on, you probably do it, check on your pets during the day when you are not at home. The movie "The Secret Life of Pets (1 & 2)" really prompted pet owners to think about what their little furry babies are doing during the day when their mom's and dad's are not at home.

Seriously, you are not the only one who checks in on them. Comcast and Wakefield Research did a little survey among pet owners who own home security systems with cameras. 84% of the people responding said that yes, they do use the security cameras to remotely check on their pets to make sure that they are not up to mischief.

Think its all about seeing what they pets are up too? No, 66% of people responding in the survey, say that they will just check in on their pets to give them a little attitude adjustment or feel good feeling while they are at work.

Would you use your home security camera to just check in on your pets? Does it make you happier just to check on them? Let us know.

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