Panic Attacks occur randomly in random people. Some will feel certain symptoms of anxiety while others might just feel extreme fear. Either way, the symptoms are personal and they vary. But if you do your research and seek professional help you might be able to resolve the issues causing you to mentally and emotionally shut down.

Insight Timer is an app that I recently discovered by accident. I was playing Far Cry 5 online and was speaking with this really cool guy from Australia. If I didn't have a passion for gaming I would have never met this dude. When I became symptomatic during our conversation I told him, he recommended this app to me.

It was free to download and has free guided meditations. The most important one is the emergency panic attack guided meditation. I listened to it and believe it or not, I was guided out of my state of panic and into a more accepting emotional state. This is app is not a cure but it helped me when I was alone and felt like sharing this experience could help someone else.

I do not recommend anyone try to self diagnose, if you are having serious emotional issues, there is professional help out there.