I like to think of New York as a pretty cool state, where everyone still wears flannel, wears headphones around their neck at all times, and knows all the words to Third Eye Blind's "Semi-Charmed Life." I think of it as a state that has its pulse on the music community (despite the examples I just gave being 20 years old), so when AT&T published a chart of what different states are watching on Youtube, I was a little surprised. 

Twenty states are said to watch more music channels than anything else on Youtube, and New York isn't any of them! What gives, New York? Ohio's top Youtube channel is Fueled by Ramen, which currently hosts bands like Young the Giant, Panic at the Disco, and Paramore. You're telling me we're lamer than Ohio? That just doesn't seem right.

Outside of music lovers, the other top categories involve kids, gamers, wrestling, and fans of Ellen DeGeneres. New York fell into the kids category, with our top Youtube channel being Blu Toys Club Surprise, which from a glance looks like it's just demonstrations of kids toys.

So, the point is, New York has a lot of kids, and they're outnumbering our music lovers. The best thing to do now is to turn those kids into music lovers, so that when they're adults, we can take down Ohio. That's what this is really about. Say it with me, New York: we can beat Ohio.