You'd think that being a native New Yorker,  President Trump would both know and endorse how to eat a pizza the right way.

The 45th President of The United States, Donald J. Trump is no stranger to controversy. Decades of fame and being in the public eye are sure to bring a lot of attention but this could be one of the most scandalous things to resurface yet.

I don't care if the crust is stuffed. This is not how a New Yorker eats a pizza. I'd almost call it a sin.

Watch this old Pizza Hut ad and let me know if you see anything wrong with how The Donald is consuming his slice of pizza.

To be clear, my gripe is not with stuffed crust. It's delicious. You'll never hear my complain about more cheese. A New Yorker never eats the crust first! That might be acceptable for other states but not here in the Empire State.

He didn't even fold it! What is that about? I've got so many growing concerns with Trump after seeing this. It's worrying me that a man who cannot eat pizza correctly has his finger on the button.