When was the last time you had a delicious, warm apple fritter? If you have had one (and enjoy them) then you could probably close your eyes and instantly flash back to one of those delicious treats. Sweet and loaded with cinnamon and apples, with not too much of the icing glaze, just thinking about it is making my mouth water.

So why does the Hudson Valley have such hate for the apple fritter? Where did you get it? There are a handful of places that still truck them in from other factories, but who makes them?

Why does the Hudson Valley love cider donuts, but hate Apple Fritters?


The phenomenon that is the cider donut is everywhere throughout the Hudson Valley all year long and then also raging in numbers from the middle of September through the end of October. You can't go a few hundred feet in a food store, without being made aware of freshly made, warm, dusted in cinnamon sugar delightfulness, but look around for an apple fritter and you will notice how sadly they are lacking, why I ask. Why?  

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What is the difference between an Apple Fritter and a Apple Cider Donut?


Apple Cider donuts are far easier to make, they take less time and can be practically churned out by the hundred simply by mixing the ingredients, then frying them, tossing them in the sugar and then they can be sold. The time from start to finish, to eating could potentially be less than an hour.

Apple fritters on the other hand do take more time to make, have more expensive ingredients and require more labor in general to make fewer items to sell. Does that mean that they are less worthy than their cake donut counter part? That would all depend on who you ask. Where is your favorite place to get apple fritters, seriously, I need to know! Thanks in advance for your help.

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