From time to time I'll blog about my dog, Duggar. Being an internet blogger means finding things I find interesting or important and share them with you. Whether other people find my dog interesting or important remains to be uncovered. But he really shows his personality whenever possible, especially in front of an audience. Just like his human.

He's a beagle mixed with other hounds so he's definitely a mutt but seriously, what is up with his whisker?  All of his whiskers start off in the usual spots near his snoot. Yes, I call it a snoot for booping purposes. But ONE whisker decides to go in a COMPLETELY different direction than its brother's and sister's who reside in the said snoot area.

Duggar whisker 2

Taking a closer look using the power of scientific mobile technology we can clearly see a rebellious whisker who has plans of its own. Known as his "curly whisker" this unique snow flake would only show up in the colder months. I figured it was a seasonal thing but it's been back all spring and summer.

Does your dog have one random whisker that just doesn't cooperate with the rest of the family? If so, please send photos to me and help Duggar not feel so alone in his struggles.

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