Russia can't even control their own pets. How can they possibly control our presidential election?

That may be a question you find yourself asking after watching this video in which man's best friend decided it was time to break into television journalism.

A newscast in Russia literally went to the dogs (sorry, but we had to make the joke) when a pooch showed up on the set in the middle of the program, startling the unsuspecting anchor.

The canine proved he was camera-ready when he appeared on Mir24, alongside Ilona Linarte, who, while clearly taken aback, did her best to roll along -- not roll over -- with the punches.

The dog was on the set to be on another show and somehow had gotten loose, reports Today. Linarte, meanwhile, would admit to her viewers that she's more of a cat person.

But, hey, that's live TV for you -- you never know what may happen.