I'm sorry in advance for posting this but I felt like I had to share this nightmarish video. If you are deathly afraid of spiders please don't click this. Run away now!

If you are afraid of spiders like I am then watching a spider haul away a small mouse could make your skin crawl.

Recently, I posted an article here about large spiders found in the Hudson Valley. Fortunately this sucker didn't make the cut. However, the Huntsman Spider is native to New York.

This guy is called a Giant Huntsman Spider. Strangely enough, they were not discovered until about 2001. With their leg span, they are considered the worlds largest spiders in the world. They can span to be around 12" in diameter. If you're wondering what that compares to then go into you cupboard and grab a dinner plate.

Most likely that's bigger than your hand. Well, check this out and sleep tight.