In the morning you need your pick me up. Why waste your money on places that aren't even giving you what you need?

It's time for the great coffee debate. Do you prefer a better taste or a better buzz? There are certain chains in the Hudson Valley who's coffee have a higher caffeine content than others.

I bet you coffee snobs and aficionados will never guess which chain has the strongest coffee. Buzzfeed analyzed all of the coffees and this is what they determined.

Dunkin Donuts - Though it's probably one of the better tasting coffee chains it really is one of the weaker ones containing only 220 milligrams.

McDonalds - McDonald's has always been a staple for the "on the go" coffee scene. Again, though it's usually on the cheaper side, it's caffeine content is just slightly above Dunkin coming inn close to 227 milligrams.

Starbucks - Starbucks arguably has the best tasting coffee to a lot of coffee connoisseurs but also has a higher caffeine level of around 267.

Oddly enough, the strongest coffee comes from 7-11.

7-11 - Yes, they are known for their Slurpees and delicious hot dogs but oddly enough they have strong coffee with each cup containing almost 280  milligrams.

If you didn't buy coffee at 7-11 before, would you make the switch for more caffeine or do you just like your routine?