The dog poo in the Hudson Valley is hitting the streets and now it is hitting our cars.

This issue was already out of control and it seems to be getting worse.

When you're a pet owner you open yourself up to a lot of responsibilities. If you adopt a dog you take up more than other pet owners. Dogs are a lot of work and need to be walked regularly. When you walk them for any amount of time there's always a chance that nature calls and you have to be prepared to clean up after them. Unfortunately, not all dog owners take this seriously.

I have addressed this several times.

One Poughkeepsie resident took desperate measures to get their neighbors to start picking up their dog crap. They posted a very descriptive sign a few months back.

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I have stepped in dog poo while running on local trails and it is awful. You have to spend hours cleaning up the bottom of your shoes. if you have deep treads then it could take even longer. When you take your car to the wash they don't get under your tires. There actually is something more horrible than stepping in dog crap. Running it over in a car is so much worse. Imagine running over a plastic bag of dog crap that someone left in the middle of the road.


How did this even happen? people don't walk their dog in the middle of the road. Did someone throw it from the sidewalk into the road?

I'm tired of these inconsiderate dog owners!

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