Ulster County residents are looking for answers after two dogs were discovered abandoned and tied to a pole in New Paltz, NY.

While it's never a "good" time to abandon an animal, freezing winter temperatures can add another level of danger when pets are left without care. The condition of the dogs was concerning as well. Here's what we know so far.

Abandoned Dogs Found in New Paltz, NY

"Two dogs were left tied to a pole at the New Paltz dog park. I don't have any other info, except they are trying to notify the ASPCA and the dog warden," began a post in the New Paltz Community Facebook page.

While some commenters pointed out that if someone "had" to leave their animals, a public dog park may be one of the best places to do it (unlike in a cage in the middle of the woods, like the fate of two Sullivan County, NY dogs last year), many still had concerns.

Ulster County SPCA via Facebook
Ulster County SPCA via Facebook

New Paltz, NY Community Reacts to Abandoned Dogs

"It’s an awful thing to take two animals who trust you and essentially abandon them to an unknown fate... all they had to do was bring them to the shelter", said one New Paltz resident. "I'll take them until someone else can", offered another. When they were rescued by the Ulster County SPCA (UCSPCA), workers noticed something disturbing.

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Rescued by the Ulster County SPCA

"These dogs were found abandoned and tied to the fence at the Ulster County Dog Park in New Paltz today," reported the UCSPCA. "The male [had] injuries consistent with a dog bite on his back, likely from a third dog", they continued. Photos (below) show the poor state in which the dog was found.

Ulster County SPCA via Facebook
Ulster County SPCA via Facebook

The UCSPCA is asking anyone with possible information on both dogs to contact them at 845-331-5377, extension 212. While these photos may be hard to see, they show not only why we need important programs like the SPCA, but how tirelessly workers and volunteers show up for injured and abandoned animals. Check out more heroism below.

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