Maybe you got that awesome big screen TV you wanted from Santa, or a new gaming system to add to your collection, but be careful when tossing the boxes to the curb for garbage day.

Driving around my neighborhood the past few days, it is obvious that it was a pretty successful holiday season for many people, as the boxes and Christmas trash overflow from garbage and recycle bins.  Our trash pickup is delayed a day due to the holiday, and that means more time for potential break-ins, as anyone can see what you got for Christmas based on what is piled up near the garbage cans.  You never know who may be scoping out your trash, and leaving your empty boxes outside is essentially leaving a gift for someone next to your garbage can.

Your best bet is to break down your boxes and fit everything inside the bins completely out of sight, or better yet, keep the boxes inside the house until recycle day.  My plan, break down the boxes and put them out a little at a time in the recycle bin over the next few weeks - I don't need any grinches spoiling my season!

Unwanted Presents
Getty Images/iStockphoto/ CraigRJD