How do internet polls like this even get started? At this point, you have probably heard about one of the latest trends to weigh in on: are there more doors or wheels in the world? I shared this one with my folks, and it really stumped them. We've since kept bringing it up every once in a while to talk about the logistics of it. People online have gotten very heated over this discussion.

First of all, what constitutes as a door? Do open doorways count? Do cabinets, boxes, and other furniture count as well? On cars, do trunks count?

Same goes for wheels. Do we count gears into this ranking? Are we only talking about wheels on vehicles? Otherwise, there are many wheels and gears in many things we use every day from a simple wheel-and-pulley system to gears turning in a clock to so much more.

When we have crazy questions such as this, we turn to you, our lovely and insightful Hudson Valley residents. Can we actually figure out that figure? Probably not, but can we determine the opinion of our followers? Sure we can! We held a little poll on Instagram, and here are the results.

Instagram, WRRV
Instagram, WRRV







With wheels receiving 69% of the votes (haha, nice), our listeners seem to believe that there are more wheels out there in the world compared to doors. What is the argument, though? I want to know everyone's thought process on this. Hit us up on the WRRV App with your best argument for why there are more wheels in the world, or give us a rebuttal as to why there are more doors.

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