A popular pizza place in Newburgh, New York has created one of its most interesting pies yet and it combined two of our most favorite foods.

There are a lot of pizza purists in New York. Some people just love traditional pies. I say go crazy. Life is too short to stick to just pepperoni, mushroom or sausage.

I don't know if you have been paying attention but Pizza Mia in Newburgh, New York has been changing and upping the pizza game for years. I don't know if I would consider some of their pies pizzas as much as I would consider them experiments in the best and most delicious way.

They've been known to put mozzarella sticks, sausage links and Cheetos on their pies. Pizza Mia even has a pizza made with a garlic knot crust.

Pizza Mia is not just known for savory pies. They are also one of the few pizza places in the Hudson Valley that make dessert pizzas. They recently created a pizza topped with doughnuts.

The video promoting the doughnut pizza attracted nearly 3,000 views on their Instagram page and received a bunch of comments commending the creation. One person commented a brilliant idea that the doughnut pizza would be great to order for a movie night.

Here is a video shared by Pizza Mia advertising the pizza for the first time.




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