You know I'm looking for any excuse to have a beer, especially if it's something new or different. Having a beer to try a unique style, having a beer to celebrate, having a beer at a ballgame; these are all well-known (and excellent) pastimes. But having a beer for charity?

Tell me more.

Yup! It's true. Turns out the folks at Stone Brewing Company are not only masters of their craft (seriously, they're one of the best breweries in the country, especially if you can't get enough in the way of hops), but they're also taking care of their own.

Last year, an employee of the brewery was killed in an accident involving a forklift. In his memory, they took one of his recipes and brewed it up as Matt's Burning Rosids. They released it in 22oz bottles earlier this year. I haven't gotten a chance to try it (yet), but it sounds phenomenal: an Imperial Cherrywood-Smoked Saison? Holy crap, I'm in.

The best part? $100,000 of the profits are going to charity:, a nonprofit that addresses the architectural needs of developing communities around the world, and TKF (Tariq Khamisa Foundation), a nonprofit that seeks to stop youth violence through education and mentorship programs for youths in high-risk communities.


And as though THAT isn't enough, Stone has set up Matt Courtright Memorial Brewing Scholarship to help people learn how to brew at technical schools. Beering it forward, I suppose.

If anyone knows where I can snag a bottle of this fine, fine elixir and help out some great causes, get at me.