If you had to do a double take when reading the phrase 'drunk yoga,' well, you certainly aren't alone.

What started as a 'wellness entertainment movement back in 2017 from the back of a New York City Bar' has evolved into a viral experience that you'll be able to check out for yourself here in the Hudson Valley.

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What Is 'Drunk Yoga' or 'The Uplift Experience'?

Eli Walker, the source behind 'The Uplift Experience' (aka 'Drunk Yoga') has a background in acting and years of experience teaching yoga across the globe...

I developed a knack—a super power, if you will—for making people feel like they belong within live experiences. Specifically, creating community engagement by making wellness events more interactive and playful. So, it was no surprise (to some more than others) that in 2017 I married my lifelong passions of storytelling and mindful movement to establish my first claim to fame: Drunk Yoga®—breaking the rules of yogic convention by infusing it with the social ritual of a happy hour.

In 2017 she turned a yoga class into a drinking game in the back of a bar in NYC, and after giving this experience the name 'Drunk Yoga,' thought that people wouldn't think it was real.

It wasn't until a journalist, who also happened to be a friend of Walker's, featured an article about 'Drunk Yoga' in the Gothamist, that the idea took off, went viral, and started selling out.

Only the way in which we “intoxicate” the convention of yoga by making it social for community-building. We believe that #communitycare is the best form of #selfcare, and we do this by infusing uplifting games and clever icebreakers into our beginner-friendly classes for both virtual and in-person gatherings.

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What Can Participants Expect At 'The Uplift Experience' aka 'Drunk Yoga?'

Inviting you to let your hair down, fill your cup (with your choice of wine, coffee, etc.), and 'enjoy this potent union of yoga and social ritual,' Walker can created a space for clients to lift their spirits (literally), address community-building goals through icebreakers, games and social rituals, while also incorporating yoga class themes.

The main truths behind this experience, and much of Walker's work center around the idea of belonging and human connection, community engagement, and even breaking the rules.

Walker now runs The Uplift Center, a social wellness school where she trains others on these practices.

So Where Can You Break Some Rules and Foster Human Connection Through Drunk Yoga in the Hudson Valley?

On Saturday December 16th at 1pm at All Sport Fishkill, Eli Walker herself will bring the Drunk Yoga/Uplift Experience to the Hudson Valley.

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Google Maps

With a limited number of spots available, Fishkill All Sport invites you to let go an unwind with a 'playful twist on traditional yoga' as you 'get ready to sip, stretch and enjoy a judgment-free zone' guided. by Walker.

Registration is open now, with Early Bird Pricing specials running through 12/10. Participants must be 21+, and registration does include two beverages to 'enhance your zen and bliss.'

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