Before you even think about scrolling past this photo just know what you are not dreaming. Dunkaroos cereal is absolutely real.

Dunkaroos are the perfect snack but now you can have your serving of nostalgia for breakfast too.

Last year Dunkaroos hit the shelved of the Hudson Valley at a time when we needed a new treat more than ever.

We've been through Dunkaroos pandemonium during the pandemic. The snack made it's big comeback and then Duncan Hins came out with containers of Dunkaroos frosting which was amazing but let's be honest. It was obviously glorified Funfetti. It just doesn't matter though. We still seem to buy it anyway.

Kids that grew up 20 to 30 years ago had it pretty well. We arguably had the best toys and the best cartoons but we can't even debate about having the best snacks.

Nostalgia is one heck of drug and it seems to be especially powerful for kids who were born in the 80s and 90s. I totally understand. I'm an adult and I make decent money. Now is when I can finally afford to buy back all the toys my parents threw away and all the ones that thy never bought for me.

Boxes of Dunkaroos cereal has arrived in the Hudson Valley and thought it might not be the cereal we wanted it's definitely the cereal we needed. They are absolutely delicious.

The cereal is hardly a breakfast. It's more like a dessert but it doesn't matter either way because it's absolutely spectacular. I found these at Dollar General stores but they might be elsewhere. Let mw know if you find them.

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