College is expensive, and every year sees colleges debating whether they should increase tuition or not. This year, Dutchess Community College has decided it will raise its prices for the 2017-2018 school year. Rates are going to increase by about 4 percent, going from $3,528 a year to $3,969 a year. 

County legislators this week approved the school's budget of about $66 million, which includes an increased contribution from the county to the college. Dutchess County will now be contributing about $14.5 million to the school.

Even with the increase, it should be noted that Dutchess Community College still has the lowest tuition of any community college in New York. Many people I know have gone to DCC as an affordable option that allowed them to explore their interests after high school before setting on the path to a bachelor's degree elsewhere. I'm sure that's not going to change, even if the cost has increased a little bit.