Tuition at Poughkeepsie's Dutchess Community College is set to rise next year after the Dutchess County Legislature passed a $64 million budget for 2016-17. The Daily Freeman reports the vote took place Monday and as a result of the 17-4 vote, students will have to pay an additional $168 per year.

The voting process itself was not without a drama. Representative Joel Tyner of Clinton called the spending plan immoral. He suggested last week the county should dip into their rainy day fund to soften the impact on students.

As part of the new budget, five additional educators will be hired despite a drop in enrollment. Any time prices go up, it's not easy. But thankfully DCC is still one of the most reasonably priced college options in the area. A full year of school for local residents will now cost $3,578, up from $3,410 this year. Compare that with Ulster County Community College across the river which costs $4,330.