The Walkway Over The Hudson is a state park completed in 2009. It was a remarkable idea that has attracted visitors from all over the country offering a breathtaking view of the Hudson River and surrounding valley. While this might not be an ideal stroll for an Acrophobic, I've enjoyed the walkway on countless occasions.

Recently The Walkway Over The Hudson state park was given a $500,000 grant for it's upcoming project. A new visitor center is planned for the east entrance to the park. The Poughkeepsie side is expected to build a Dutchess Welcome Center that includes running water and sewer connections. More seating will be available to accommodate more visitors as this location is an ideal meeting spot before entering the park.

The project is expected to be completed in the spring of 2019 and will cost a total of 3 million dollars. The east entrance is expecting to complete construction of a visitor's center in 2018.