We appreciate our Hudson Valley first responders so much, especially after 2020 and everything they did for us on the front lines.

When it comes to helping our community, our local fire departments are there for their neighbors at the drop of a hat. That goes for both human residents and those of the furry variety.

On July 21st, the Fairview Fire Department in Dutchess County shared a heartwarming story on the Facebook page that involved local firefighters saving a baby kitten.

Yes, we know the stereotypical situation of a firefighter saving a cat in a tree. But this actually happened, right here in the Hudson Valley no less. Well, minus the tree.

According to the Fairview Fire Department, they responded to a call of a person possibly passed out and unresponsive near Violet Ave and Bahret Ave in Poughkeepsie.

Fortunately, the person wasn't passed out, however, they were bent over and unsuccessfully trying to rescue a kitten stuck in a rock wall.

The Fairview Fire Department explained:

After some work Fairview Lieutenant Wilson and Probationary Firefighter Smith was able to extricate the kitten from the rock wall to safety.


Stories like this just go to show just how versatile our first responders are.

The Fairview Fire Department shared that not only do they tend to fires around the Hudson Valley and people in distress, but they also "handle emergency and non-emergency requests including rescuing animals in distress, Quality BLS Ambulance Service, Rapid response to fire incidents, child safety seat inspections, smoke alarm checks, and everything in between!"

Great job, Lieutenant Wilson and Probationary Firefighter Smith!

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