Looks like one Hudson Valley wedding venue has hosted its last wedding.

The Hudson Valley is full of some amazing venues to say "I do" at, we have not only great scenery as a wedding backdrop but we are lucky to have a ton of choices when it comes to picking the perfect location. Down below we have some of our favorite places to get married at this time of year, but before you scroll down, it looks like one of those places has reportedly been sold.

Over the years, I've been lucky enough to provide music for hundreds of Hudson Valley couples on their special day and when I heard a rumor that one place that I've worked at many times has been sold, I had to try and find some answers, so I jumped into investigative mode and tried...

Google Maps
Google Maps

Eagle's Nest in Bloomingburg

If you've never been there, the Eagle's Nest is located at 58 Eagles Nest Rd, in Bloomingburg, New York, and honestly, it's one place in the Hudson Valley that offers such an amazing view of the surrounding area but have they hosted their last wedding?

Eagle's Nest Sold?

According to a few posts on Facebook, the Eagles Nest allegedly has been sold for just under $3 million to a group that has yet to be identified. When I saw the posts, I tried to get in touch with someone at the Eagle's Nest to confirm.

I went to their website on August 29th and filled out a contact form and asked if they had been sold and if anyone had any more information. I didn't hear back so I went to their site again on September 1st and the site is no longer available. I also tried to call numerous times to get a comment and the phone number that's listed online has been disconnected.

Google Maps
Google Maps

New Owners?

Lastly, I went to the Eagles Nest Facebook page and came across an interesting video that has some saying that the venue has been sold to a religious group...

I'm not sure if the video has anything to do with the alleged sale but once more information on the alleged sale and future of the Eagles Nest is made available we will update this article.

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