A record was just set in the Town of Ulster... and it might be the most romantic statistic in the Hudson Valley.

The Town of Ulster clerk's office recently took to Facebook to make the announcement about the unprecedented data which seems to have taken everybody by surprise. Love is a powerful thing...

Exterior photo of the Town of Ulster Town Hall
The Town of Ulster, NY recently shred that they had set a new record for marriages licenses issued in a month (Google)

Record Setting Marriage License Month in the Town of Ulster, NY

"[The month of] May was a record of marriage licenses issued in our town clerk's office", began the post from the town clerk. "[Licenses issued in May] amount to be about 40% of our yearly average". According to town clerk Suzanne Reavy, the reason for the marriage license boost could be due to a quickly rising trend.

Why Are More People Getting Married in the Hudson Valley, NY?

When couples apply for their marriage license in the Town of Ulster, Reavy shared, they are often asked some informal background questions. More and more, the office found, couples shared that they were not only traveling from other areas of New York to get married in the Hudson Valley, but from different areas of the country completely.

Photo of West Hills Country Club's outdoor ballroom
With so much beauty, it shouldn't come as a surprise that so many out-of-town couples want to get married in the Hudson Valley, NY (West Hills Country Club)

The Hudson Valley May Be Becoming a Premiere Wedding Destination

Citing a few examples, Reavy said that couples getting their marriage license in the Town of Ulster often don't even have friends or family from the area (for a recent Pennsylvania couple, it reportedly only took a weekend trip to the Hudson Valley for them to decide it was the perfect location to tie the knot). The Town of Ulster also may have a specific advantage when it comes to issuing licenses.

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"We have an advantage that we have the same town name as our county", Reaves said. That means that when a happy couple enters Marriage License Ulster County in Google, the Town of Ulster is usually the first result. While that also means the Town of Ulster often fields calls from residents who meant to call the Ulster County clerk, they also can reap the benefit of a marriage license boom.

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The rise of destination marriages in the Town of Ulster seems to be another sign of the rise in status and popularity of the Hudson Valley region as a whole. While luxury Airbnbs and congested hiking trails may irritate some locals, perhaps the fact that more people are traveling to our area to declare their undying love will soften the blow that the secret is most definitely out about one of the most beautiful places in the world. Check out some of the best local wedding venues below.

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