Have you noticed the price of eggs lately? People are SCRAMBLING to find affordable eggs. What was the last price you paid for eggs?

A lot of people eat eggs every day as part of their breakfast. If eggs were a daily part of your diet that have changed in recent weeks because the prices have sky rocketed.

Why are eggs so expensive now?

Cnet reports that the shortage is due to an avian flu outbreak that can infects several species of birds including domestic poultry.

Are they really becoming a luxury food item?

Eggs have several health benefits. According to WebMD, Just one egg offers at least 6 grams of protein and it's high quality protein. An egg also is dense with antioxidants,  vitamins and minerals like Phosphorus, Selenium, Choline and even B12. which is why it makes a a great food to eat at the beginning of the day.

This nutritious staple at the breakfast table might be more of a delicacy.

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