Ok so many the pop/rock/alternative diva isn't really going country per say but there's a single floating around that make me think...hey this should be on the Wolf.

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One of the reason's I love Elle King is that she has such a range and not only in her voice but in her sound. Her single Ex's and Oh's has crossed genres making its way from alt stations to pop stations. Now the master musician has a tune crossing from country to pop.

'Americas Sweetheart' has been playing on country stations for awhile now but recently I heard the tune transition from country to pop stations and it got me wondering, what can't this girl do!?! The only other artist I cant think of whose done something similar is Taylor Swift but even ole T-Swift hasn't crossed into alternative or rock. Lorde has gone from alt/rock to pop but never country (that I know of). So Elle has me baffled and impressed. Has any other artist done this before? Maybe Elvis? The Beatles?

What do you think? Do you like it? Too poppy or country for your taste? Could we sneak it past Simon? I have to admit I do love the tune BUT I don't think it would find a place with WRRV's alternative vibe. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Check out the below video of 'Americas Sweetheart' or you can check out Elle King for yourself June 3rd at the Governors Ball in NYC.