They are going to love that fact that I am turning this story into an article, especially because I nearly blew the whole thing because of work!

It's a Surprise!

The engagement party, first of all, was a surprise engagement party. It was for one of my best friend's sister, and her parents were throwing a surprise celebration. Sounds fun right? I thought so.

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Maybe I Shouldn't Work in Radio...

You know when you get excited for things, you just start blabbing? Now, I had a pretty exciting Labor Day Weekend planned- stay over at my friends' house Friday night, go to the Schaghticoke Fair Saturday morning, see Darius Rucker at Bethel Hills Saturday night, and then go to the engagement party Sunday. I was so excited about it... I mentioned it all on the air on Saturday... Yeah, sometimes people need to take the mic away from me. I didn't even realize what I did.

At the Party

I didn't even realize that I made the blunder until I get to the party. We were told to arrive an hour before the happy couple. When I get there, a number of people confront me. "You talked about the party on air?!" I was stunned, "Wait, did I?" One of the party goers comes over and says that he heard me say a passing comment about a "surprise engagement party." Thank God, I didn't use names or insinuated my connection. Hell, it could've been for many of my college friends who are now engaged. They told me if the couple heard me, I'd be in big trouble.

Were They Listening?

The hour rolls around for them to arrive. They come around back where we are all hiding in the house, and hug them one by one! I was toward the end of the line. When it finally came to my turn, I asked, "So, did you have any idea this was happening?" They said no! Hallelujah! Everyone around me laughed and said I was off the hook.

The bride-to-be did say if she heard me say it on air, there may have been a chance she would've put the pieces together. Possibly. The important thing is that they were surprised, everyone had a great time, and I'll still be invited to the wedding and other family gatherings.

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