A little known law balances the needs of the New York City water supply and Hudson Valley recreation along the Esopus Creek. Four times each summer water is released into the Esopus Creek for recreational purposes.

According to the Department of Environmental Conservation website, a 1977 law regulates the volume and flow from the Schoharie resevoir into the Esopus Creek to 'protect and regulate the recreational use of the waters in the creek while ensuring adequate water supply for New York City'.

The first water release of the season took place in early June. This weekend is the next, followed by September 2-4th and October 7-8th. Requests for release can be made through the DEC and must be received by April 15th of each year.

Anyone along the creek should use caution as water can be almost double the normal levels. Hudson Valley One reports anywhere from 150-300 million gallons of water can be sent down the creek during a typical release.