Have you ever seen this Poughkeepsie resident's strange mannequin mailbox? What's the story behind it and what other weird oddities are they hiding back there?

If you have even traveled down Vassar Road in Poughkeepsie you've probably seen this bizarre mailbox that seems so out of place. I've been living in the Hudson Valley since April and this thing as been here the whole time and every month it is dressed in a different shirt. On my way to the Poughkeepsie Galleria, I had to finally stop and ask what it meant.

The unique mailbox is owned by Beth McCaffry and unfortunately, there isn't a strange backstory behind it.

"We used to have a keg out there but a snow plow took it. I collect mannequins so I needed something to do with them."

Beth's property is home to a few more odd pieces as well. She's quite the collector and it only keeps growing.

Weird Mannequin

It's quite the mannequin museum.


Here's a few more.