I'm in one of the 75,000 vehicles that travel the Taconic State Parkway everyday. Usually, I just get on at 84 and head north not really taking notice of anything in particular except my next exit. Last week, something happened to every exit along my path.


Numbers have appeared at the off ramps. For as long as the parkway has been in existence you identified your exit by the landmark, town name or highway. Now if you have out of town visitors, you can simply give them an exit number to get off at like you would with any other major highway in the country.

We learned about this change in the exit numbering system in September of 2016.

There's a difference with this numbering system. The exits are numbered by the mile marker they are at and not in a sequential order. Most highways in the South and West already do this, but here in the Northeast, it's a relatively new concept.

Have you noticed this change on the Taconic? Are you glad they finally numbered the exit? Or are we becoming too much like New Jersey? Let us know in the comments section or on our Facebook page.

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