The Hudson Valley is searching for background actors and stand-ins once again for a production being shot in our area. And for those wondering, yes, this is paid!

EVERY OTHER WEEKEND Needs Background Actors in Putnam County

HBG Casting has issued a casting call for EVERY OTHER WEEKEND, and upcoming drama, that is looking to fill roles for adults and children. To be considered, click the links below and fill out the forms. After that, your information will be presented to the film team.

The filming will primarily take place around the Putnam Valley, NY area. Background actors are needed between now and through November. The SAG-AFTRA Background rate is $208/8hrs. The SAG-AFTRA Stand-In rate is $243/8hrs. Nonunion workers will receive $120/8hrs.

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Simply submitting these forms does not mean you are booked. This is an availability check. If you are booked, the casting team will reach out to confirm. All communications about the film will come from OR Please fill out the forms and DO NOT reach out directly at this time.

Does This Violate the Writers/Actors Strike?

Though the strikes are coming to an end, I want to let those who are worried about crossing the picket line that it is totally okay to be involved with this film. There are numerous independent production companies that aren't affiliated with the AMPTP, and they are allowed to film with SAG-AFTRA actors during the strike. Even for those affiliated with the AMPTP, there are certain allowances to independently-produced content at the lower budget levels. You can even read an official document from SAG-AFTRA discussing the status of independent films.

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In regard to this film in particular, there is an interim agreement in place as per SAG-AFTRA. So don't worry, this is all legit! If anything, films like these are encouraged because they empower the creators rather than feeding the corporate regimes that the strikers are protesting against.

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