History buffs, get ready. Fuel up the car and head out for a weekend trip around the Hudson Valley.

Growing up in the Hudson Valley, I learned from a young age that we lived in a pretty historic town. Every year in grade school we were taking field trips to mansions and state parks, learning everything we needed to know about New York State History.

Don't get me wrong, they were fun trips as a kid, but you'll definitely enjoy and appreciate them much more as an adult.

With that being said we did a little research and used some personal experience to create a list of 13 historic sites and landmarks across the Hudson Valley to visit.

More popular stops like Franklin D. Roosevelt's homemade the list as well as Vanderbilt Mansion and Mills Mansion in and around the Hyde Park area. Lesser-known historic sites and museums like the Wilderstien home in Rhinebeck made the list.

Wilderstien, Google Maps
Wilderstien, Google Maps

Wilderstien is known for being the home to Daisy Suckley who was a close "confidant" to FDR. According to the Wilderstien website, Daisey's diary entries and letters she exchanged with FDR "provide one of the best resources for understanding the private side of Roosevelt’s life during this period."

Do you have a favorite historic spot that didn't make the list? What about a Hudson Valley landmark? Personally, I like the Fork in The Road in Milan and the Giant Prozac Pill in Red Hook, but that's just me.

Let us know what should be added to the list? Message us on social media through the app!

13 Landmarks and Historic Attractions to Visit Across the Hudson Valley

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