Last week I talked about a hike at the Sam's point but this one entails the en route' to Indian Rock. I love Sam's Point, a few summers ago I adventured to the ice caves and it was stunning. We have so many fun things to do here in the Hudson Valley and we can never get bored. I'm always finding new adventures to go on and places to visit. The greatest part about living in the Hudson Valley is that we have beautiful sites all year long, throughout the changes of seasons.


It's time to beat those winter blues and head on out into mother nature. Grab your warmest jacket, a pair of gloves and a mask of course. I went hiking this weekend and forgot to bring a change of socks and shoes and food. Be sure to grab all the goodies before arriving and stock up in your water supply. This hike will be guided by an Interpretive Ranger, Becca Howe- Parisio. This guided walk is limited to a maximum capacity of 12 people in the group.

If you are interested in participating in this fun filled day in the great outdoors, be sure to meet at the Sam's Point Visitor Center. You can pre register (which is required) by calling Sam's Point at 845 647 7989. There is also a $10 parking fee on site unless you have an Empire Pass.
The guided walk to Indian Rock will be on January 23, 2021 at 10:30 am and may end around 1:30 pm.



Where's your favorite place to hike in the Hudson Valley? Share with us below.


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