With tens of thousands of streams online, 13K followers on Facebook, 15K followers on Instagram, over 7K subscribers on YouTube, Palangi is a rising star. And don't let the name of his latest single, "Fall From Grace" fool you, it's only up from here for this local New York artist.

"No Plan B" for Frank Palangi

Frank Palangi
Frank Palangi

When asked what he wants to be known for, Palangi said,

“No Plan B”, going for your dreams and not giving up. Staying positive and having an open mind that there is a plan for you but you must work at it.

Frank Palangi is a rocker from Upstate New York who draws his inspiration from 80s and 90s rock and post grunge genres mixed with a taste of heavy metal. As a performer, Palangi has opened for the likes of 3 Doors Down, Buckcherry, Aaron Lewis of STAIND, and  Marcy Playground, and has played festivals alongside Shinedown, Coheed and Cambria, Alice in Chains and Jane's Addiction just to name a few.

Through the years, Palangi has received Best In the Region for local Glens Falls and Albany NY areas & national unsigned only competition finals, Radio Artist of the Year (Palangi Studio of Rock on Radio Wigwam) and an LA Music Award single Nomination.

“Rock is a way of life for a musician that lives and breathes their passion," says New York artist Frank Palangi. And no, he's not talking about the "Sex, Drugs, Rock n' Roll" trope. No, he's talking about the passion for the music that is ingrained in all rockers that will never go away. Whether it's in the car, working out, on the go, watching his favorite movies, rock keeps Palangi's energy up and keeps him motivated.

Palangi wears many hats. He works all facets of the industry from recording, mixing, producing, video work, interviewing, guitar lessons and more. He says the grind never ends, but he takes it one step at a time. "I’m an only child and I have a lot of patience," Palangi told Metal Digest. "When it’s all you do, you have more time to get a lot more done."

"Fall From Grace" Comes From a Personal Tragedy

The last time we spoke with Palangi, he told us about the freak house fire that was caused by a lightning strike. Palangi reflects on the time now in his latest single "Fall From Grace."

It’s a lot about picking yourself back up. For me personally, we had a house fire and lost a lot and lived in a hotel for months and then an apartment and finally back in the home. We all fall from grace time to time, it’s how you pick yourself back up. I mentioned “we sit on our throwns”, it’s easy to think ohh ya I’m in a great place and everything is perfect and I’m high on my horse, but you can fall off in a blink of an eye, so be ready and open to it.


Though Palangi's music may have an aggressive edge to it, he is very optimistic and forthcoming. Guitar World once said "Palangi's positivity extends beyond his music into the way he interacts with fans." Palangi is not one to hide in a dressing room or dip out after a show; he tries to make the rounds and introduce himself as much as he can. Whether it is through his performances, his interviews, or his guitar lessons with students, Palangi prides himself on his interactions with others. It's Palangi's altruism that really makes him shine through

There's an aggressive edge to Frank Palangi's latest music video stemming from the feeling of your at the lowest point where time is running out, the wheels are burning up and you're ready to just stop or give up. We all have our scars but how do we rise again and restart when we "Fall From Grace?"

You can check out his latest music video for "Fall From Grace" below. Otherwise, find him on social media and stream his music with the help of his Linktree.

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