He was one part of the most popular Hudson Valley alpaca duos ever featured on TV.

Our friends over at Clover Brooke Farm in Hyde Park shared the sad news this week that Shout the Alpaca has passed away. Andrea from the farm told us that Shout called Clover Brooke home since 2008 when he arrived along with two other rescued alpacas, Twist and Ringo. All three were originally know as the Three Amigos, with Twist and Shout sharing the TV screen many times, as well as being on major movies sets.

According to the Clover Brooke Facebook page, Twist and Shout were the celebrity Alpacas that represented World Vision as their Fiber Ambassadors on Giving Tuesdays. They also shared the stage on TV's Dr. Oz, the Today Show and The Build over the years. Shout also spent some time on the set for the movie Things Heard and Seen, which was filmed in The Hudson Valley in 2019.

Besides being famous, the most important thing to Shout was that he was the favorite Alpaca of many Hudson Valley 4h'rs. 4H does a great job in welcoming new and most times shy kids into agriculture. Clover Brooke posted some heartwarming words to end their Facebook post saying, "Shout will never be forgotten as he was a friend to all and our fond memories of this gentle soul will always be cherished as the beginning of our Camelid program at the farm. RIP Shout 😘 you will be missed."

Hudson Valleys Most Famous Alpaca "Shout"

Shout the Alpaca

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