Far Cry 5 came out today and I pre-ordered it! Walked right into Game Stop and picked up my newest gaming adventure. I've been excited for this game since I saw the first trailer.

In this video I talk about my previous Far Cry experiences which only include two other titles. I also talk about what I know about it already but for the most part I'm going into it blind. Haven't watched a single other video of game play including beta test videos.

I did purchase the season pass for the extra 30 bucks but when you hear what DLC is in store, you'll think twice about skipping the extras.

If you haven't checked it out yet, go over to WRRV's Youtube Channel and watch other PJ Plays videos. I just completed Kingdom Come: Deliverance for PS4 and it was very challenging. But I posted a few walk throughs to help with some of the more challenging quests and activities. Archery was especially hard to master but I eventually got the hang of it.

But for now, it's Far Cry 5, time to liberate some county in Montana that I've never heard of.