The latest DLC is out featuring a Mars Mission! I've been playing it for a few hours and I love it! Not to complicated and expands on the already fun game play. Season pass is still holding it's value in my opinion. I already feel I got my money's worth.

This is a pure undetected walk through for the cult outpost Lorna's Truck Stop. It took a few attempts but wasn't the most challenging outpost to liberate. I don't use an NPC or other decoy, I just remained undetected while I eliminate each cult member one at a time.

The strategy is always the same for me. Tag every enemy! Most outposts have some sort of look out tower to climb up or at the very least, an elevated position. This allows you to scan the area with your binoculars and identify each enemy. Once tagged, you can see them through walls which makes staying undetected substantially easier.

If this video helps you please let me know with a comment. My goal is to keep rage quitting down to a minimum!