I can't explain why this took me as long as it did, but this is one of the easiest prepper stashes to access. Prepper stashes are scattered throughout the world of Far Cry 5 and you can find them by exploring or talking to NPC's. Whenever I rescue a hostage randomly on the side of the road I talk to them. Some of them will have an indicator above their head letting you know they have information. It usually leads you to a prepper stash or a Cult outpost.

All I had to do was climb into a window that for some reason I was unable to locate. I've never claimed to be a top tier gamer so I must be honest when I can't figure out simple tasks such as this one. I open myself to your judgment and accept any and all criticism that goes along with my lack of mental quickness.

This stash has an entertainment bonus for solving it. You get to tour a haunted house. It's silly but fun and I appreciate the game developer's creativity.